Well of Souls

The Well of Souls

The Well of Souls is rumored to be an ancient desecrated temple, possibly dwarven, that holds an evil just as ancient. For the time being, the orks gathered around this place have been raiding villages and taking the men and women, burning homes and farms, leaving nothing behind. It is unknown what purpose these attacks serve, other than perhaps ork bloodlust or slavery.

Prince Kiran is the the supposed leader of the orks gathered here.

The Well of Souls is about two and a half days north-northwest of Kylien. The adventurers first became aware of it when Sandhie, the wife of Marrik, was taken and killed. The heroes ventured into the dungeon, only to find Sandhie alive.

The heroes fled after a major battle with an orkish warband, only to be attacked that night as they slept. Sandhie was killed, as were Geurk and Jin.

After burying the dead at the remains of Kylien, the heroes returned to the Well of Souls, freeing Smythe, Tyler, and the gnome who’s name I can’t remember and can’t be bothered to look up. Quarrion and Erudin safely escorted the three to Brenthas, where they would be safe, while the rest of the party ventured into the dungeon again, slaying the priest of Grummush and destroying their evil temple.

There are stairs down to deeper in the Well of Souls, but it is unknown if our heroes will venture therein…

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Well of Souls

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