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Barebones is a D&D 4th Edition game, using a much-tightened list of allowed races and classes:

Here’s the email I promised for a long time: the race and class list (as I’m seeing it). I divided it into four categories, because yes/no was feeling too limited (and not expressing my willingness to consider several races and classes), yes/maybe/no was a little better, so I added a ‘probably not, but I could be convinced if someone was dying to play one.’



Cleric (Templar)
Fighter (Weaponmaster)
Rogue (Scoundrel)
Wizard (Arcanist)


Witch *
Class Compendium ²

Probably Not

Heroes of Feywild²

Definitely Not

Neverwinter Campaign ²
Heroes of Shadow ²
Heroes of Fallen Lands ²
Heroes of Forgotten Kingdoms²






Probably Not


Definitely Not

Heroes of Feywild²
Darksun Campaign Setting²
Heroes of Shadow ²
Heroes of Fallen Lands ²
Heroes of Forgotten Kingdoms²
Dragon Magazine²
Ebberon Player’s Guide²
Forgotten Realms Player Guide²
Manual of the Planes²
Monster Manual²
Monster Manual 2²

  • - I know this is from a book I said I probably wouldn’t allow, but it intruiges me.
    ² – this is one of the Essentials or a poorly balanced book. Or I don’t like it. In any case, no.

The Barebones Campaign originally took place in 2008, where a group of friends and I ‘got back to basics’. The game took place in the frontier borderlands of the far north. Just north of established elven lands, the outcasts of human and elven society find their way here, eeking out a humble existence between cold, hard winters, and poor soil.

The Snondamels are a human noble family with lands in the far north, and their presence is maintained in the form of Baron Snondamel. Baron Snondamel established the town of Brenthas, named for his late brother, Brenthas Snondamel, who sought to establish a home here over ten years ago.

Brenthas lies on the once-thriving caravan route to the Far North, a land where there is perpetually snow, and the mountains where orks are occaisonally peaceful enough to deal with human traders.

The wars with the Orkish Lands and the human lands last flared to life over thirty years ago, with only a handful of humans still living who carry grudges.

These northern lands were once a might empire, and occasionally adventurers find a forgotten monument, road, or tower, and the Adventurer’s Guild is filled with the tales of the forgotten treasures that lie hidden in a tomb or vault waiting to be discovered.

About a day and a half North of the town of Brenthas is the tiny village of Kylien, that lies on the once-thriving caravan route to the far northern lands. This is one of the many tiny communities that seeks to survive by gathering goods from surrounding farms, ranches, and orchards to trade to merchants who more and more rarely come through.

The Elven Kingdom to the south is isolated and arrogant, with few elven towns even allowing non-elves to enter, and those few who do more than often treat non-elves as though they stink of feces before asking them to leave. Elves are common among human lands, but they treat all non-elves as though they stink, and often refuse to eat or drink anything made by human hands. This has led to a sense of general dislike toward all elves.

The Dwarven Clans are isolated even from each other, distrusting humans after some long-forgotten dispute, and angry with the elves and elf-kin after some slight neither group any longer remembers. There remains a legend among human lands of a lost dwarven clan to the far north, but nore than this rumor of memory is unknown. Dwarves are rare among human lands.

Currently, our party consist of the following heroes:
Eledhwen, a female elven ranger, who is as deadly with her sword as she is her bow.
Quarrion, the male elven wizard, an outcast of the Wizard’s Heirarchy and legendary at being unable to hold his liquor.
Osbourne Greenbottle, the male hafling paladin, loyal friend and fierce warrior, rumored by some tongues to be dead.
Geurk, the male dwarven priest of Moradin, who defends his non-dwarven friends with a passion that inspires others. Rumors have started of his apparent demise.
Torek, a male dwarven fighter, who fights with a finesse that few dwarves possess, and protects his friends by standing in the front and blocking with his mighty tower shield.
Jin, the male human thief, quiet about his pasts and reasons for traveling with such an odd group. Rumors have surfaced of his apparent demise.
Basutai, the male human paladin who’s ego is only outweighed by his incompetence. Often the source of violence, as he responds to any slight with demands for a duel.
Ki’la’la, the female half-elf sorcerss, traveling for unknown reasons with the group.
Erudin, the male human priest, who worships less of deity and more of Fire and the Void.
Theroval, the male human thief, who travels with the party for unknown reasons, but has already impressed the party with his trapfinding skills and honesty.

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