The tiny village of Kylien lies about a day and a half north of the town of Brenthas.

The town itself consists of four buildings. An Inn/Tavern, called [[Marrik’s Place]], owned by Marrik. A blacksmith’s forge, run by a dwarf named Smythe. A Church to Pelor, built by a half-elf named Brother Rule , and currently run by his apprentice, a half-elven boy named Tyler. A small merchant’s shop with odds and ends, run by the gnome (whose name I can’t remember or be bothered to look up right now).

Kylien was looted by three orkish warparties searching for the adventurers, and the inn and shop were burned to the ground. The blacksmith’s forge was pillaged, but was unable to bun (being completely made of stone), and the church to Pelor was desecrated.

Brother Rule was killed, gutted, and his blood and entrails were used to write insults, jeers, and a message to anyone who should find it “This is what happens to those who disobey Prince Kiran.” The graveyard was dug up, bones and corpses thrown into the green at the center of the village, and [[Osbourne’s Tomb]] was destroyed, the statue broken and the the tomb smashed.

The adventurers cleaned the church, and re-buried the dead, adding Brother Rule, Geurk, and Jin to the graves before returning to the Well of Souls to seek vengeance.

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