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  • Torek

    Torek is the son of the High Lord Chevin, sent to the far north to do great deeds and find the great mountain temple to Moradin that was lost in a great war over two hundred years ago. While Torek was still a child, he was being prepared to take over …

  • Osbourne Greenbottle

    Osbourne Greenbottle was the overly-serious son of a glassblower, destined to follow in his father's footsteps until a group of orkish and human warriors raided the town, killing everyone they could find. His parents were killed in the battle, but …

  • Eledhwen

    Eledhwen is not talkative about her past, which is hardly surprising, since only the wizard Quarrion shares the lifetime to appreciate it. Rumors about her indicated that she doesn't often get along with other elves, although the reasons are unknown.

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