Brenthas Snondamel

Human Lord


Brenthas Snondamel (Baron) (Thief 4/Fighter 4)

Age: 38 (Presumed Dead) Height: 5’9” (1.3m) Weight: 180 lbs (75kgs) Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Skin: Caucasian, Pale

Str: 16 (+3) Dex: 15 (+2) Con: 14 (+2) Int: 18 (+4) Wis: 15 (+2) Cha: 17 (+3)

Hit Points: 63 Armor Class: 12 (Can use combat expertise to increase armor class to 17)

Fort: +6 Ref: +6 Will: +5

Init: +2 BAB +8 (Ranged +7)


(Missing, Presumed Dead)

Brenthas Snondamel is the oldest son of the Snondamel family. Sent off at the tender age of 18 to live with relatives, it quickly became apparent to his guardians that he needed his own area of responsibility.

To that end, his parents sent him to lands they had held in the far north for several generations, with the intent that he establish a town and find a way to make it more profitable.

Brenthas travelled north, sending the occaisonal letter about his progress, and established the town of Haven. Several months after his established the town, the letters stopped coming south. His parents investigated, sending merchant caravans and even a unit of house guards to find it, but no trace of the town, or of the young Baron. His parents desperately searched for a few years, but no trace was ever turned up. Even the roads that had purported to lead to the town of Haven had disappeared, and none of the locals knew anything of its whereabouts.

Almost ten years have gone by since the Snondamels last had a presence in the north, so they sent one of their younger sons to the north, an idealist with notions of freedom and equality that frankly made him sort of an embarrassment to his family. Bartimas was sent to the north to again attempt to colonize it, this time given explicit instructions to find an already-established town and simply expand. Bartimas did so, renaming the town for his missing older brother.

At the present, occaisonally the Baron Bartimas Snondamel sends out search parties to find the lost town of Haven.

Brenthas Snondamel

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