Osbourne Greenbottle

Halfling Paladin


Paladin of Heironeous (8th Level)

Age: 38 (39)
Gender: Male
Height: 3’4" (1.02m)
Weight: 37 lbs (15kg)

Str: 16 (3)
Dex: 19 (
Con: 18 (4)
Int: 15 (
Wis: 15 (2)
Cha: 18 (

Hit Points: 118
Armor Class: 21

Initiative: +4

Fort: +15
Ref: +12
Will: +10

BAB 12/7 (13/8 Ranged)
Favored Weapon: Greatsword of Defending +2
Currently Wearing: Breastplate with the Holy Symbol of Heironeous engraved on the front- a gift from Bro. Rule)


Osbourne Greenbottle was the overly-serious son of a glassblower, destined to follow in his father’s footsteps until a group of orkish and human warriors raided the town, killing everyone they could find. His parents were killed in the battle, but Osbourne was not, as they tucked him safely into the cool oven, where he was not found until a group of priests of Heironeous found him.

Left with no choice but to bring the child with them on thier holy pilgrimage or leave him to die, they brought the child with them. Much to their surprise and delight, the child began speaking shortly after joining the group, showing both a love of law and the candor that made him a perfect candidate for the faith. Osbourne clung to the faith of his new patrons and devoted himself to the church, rising in the ranks through his faith and devotion. He quickly became a paladin, and ventured out to teach others of the pride and faith of Heironeous. Others are surprised to find that he follows the tenets of that particular faith, as most humans and all other known halflings find it restrictive. He has found reactions from disbelief to amusement, but few believe his claims.

Travelling north to Brenthas, Osbourne met a group who accepted him for who he was, a couple of elves, a dwarf, and a human. They traveled north in search of the Lost tomb of Agrinor, the king of the human lands that fell under the orkish wars over a hundred years ago. They were sent out by the patrons of the adventurer’s guild as a joke, but to their surprise, they actually found the tomb. Once they had slain the rabid owlbears that infested the underground tomb, Osbourne convinced his companions to leave the treasures of the dead. They instead travelled south a short distance to Kylien, where they asked the elderly priest there, Brother Rule, to guard the treasures they had found from would-be robbers. Unknown to them, Brother Rule had been aware of the treasure the entire time, and was impressed by the respect this party showed for the past. The party befriended the citizens of Kylien, enjoying meals and celebrations with them, but eventually returned to Brenthas, where they lied and told the adventurer’s guild that they had been unable to find anything. This, of course, was what the adventurer’s guild had exepected, and the prank over, accepted the adventurers into the guild.

A few of the guardsmen, amused by the sight of the halfling claiming to be a paladin, picked a fight with him. Osbourne, unflappable as ever, refused to rise to the bait until one of the onlookers offered to hold a formal bloodless duel, one where the contest of arms could be tried without any death or bloodshed.

It was the talk of the town for the next few days as arrangements were made for the fight. A square was set up, the local lordling, Baron Snondamel, was informed of the contest, and even the local thieves got in on the action, taking bets for either side. Osbourne fought the human challenger, clearly winning to all who saw, and impressed many of the human guardsmen. After the fight, Osbourne treated his challenger to a drink, and the entire city celebrated.

Soon, word came that the adventuring party had a task- retrieve a stolen tomb from a decrepit wizards tower many days to the north. Traveling north, the party stopped again in Kylien for a few days, where Brother Rule gave them more precise directions to the tower, and the story of its’ history. These instructions in hand, the party set out for the northern mountains, finding the tower in the foothills among many dangers.

These dangers would not compare to the dangers found within, as Osbourne would bravely challenge a barbazu- a bearded devil from the pit of hell. While his companions tried to down the foe with magic or weaponry, Osbourne fought the devil to a stand-still toe to toe, falling as his companions devised a solution, slaying the devil.

Osbourne was greatly mourned, and his companions brought his body back to Kylien, where his dwarven companion, Geurk, spent several weeks carving a life-sized statue in memory of his fallen friend. Osbourne was entombed in Kylien, in the sanctified graveyard near the church. His companions left him there, saddened and wearied by the struggle, and stayed in Brenthas over the early and long winter.

With the last of the snows finally melting, a message was sent to the adventurers- “Come to Kylien, Quickly.” When they returned, everything was much the same as they had left it, but all of the residents told the adventurers to find Brother Rule and speak with him.

When they entered the church to Pelor, they were surprised to find that Brother Rule had gained a protege, a young man they thought he was training to replace him. They were shocked to find that Osbourne had been resurrected using Brother Rule’s extensive influence. Osbourne was returned to life once more, speaking little of what had occurred in the afterlife, other than seeing his parents and spending time with his father learning the family trade. Instead of his birthday, Osbourne now celebrates the day that Brother Rule resurrected him, leading to a discrepancy between his actual age (39) and the time he has been alive (38).

Osbourne has re-joined the party, and seeks now more than ever to teach all the values of Heironeous and the path that is His will.

Osbourne Greenbottle

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