Dwarven Fighter


Torek is the son of the High Lord Chevin, sent to the far north to do great deeds and find the great mountain temple to Moradin that was lost in a great war over two hundred years ago.

While Torek was still a child, he was being prepared to take over after the death of his father. He was trained by the best warriors and strategists in dwarven lands, and taught the rudiments of the human and elven tongues, as well as some of the speech of orks, to be able to intercept communications of his enemies.

After he had come of age, his father set him about several minor tasks to allow others to see his skill, but eventually the Elders of the clan decided that he should be sent out into the world to do great deeds.

Those opposed to his father decided that Torek should be sent into the far northlands, where it was most dangerous and most likely that he would be killed or not return, preparing the way for another of the elders to become high lord after the death of High Lord Chevin.

Given explicit instructions to find the temple in the mountains to the far north of elven and dwarven lands, he was given and small stipend and sent on his way. After much traveling and woe, he finally made his way into Brenthas, where he found that newcomers were made to do ridiculous tasks before receiving aid, so he traveled further north to the small village of Kylien, where he met a group of adventurers who invited them to join him. To his surprise, this group of adventurers included Geurk, a priest of Moradin who was searching for the lost temple as well, and Smythe Stonebreaker, a lost son from another clan who had gone into exile many years before, and Torek had been told by his father might know more of the temple he was searching for.

Inspired by seeing both Torek and Geurk getting along so well with humanity and elvenkind, Smythe set out to return to his homeland to visit family and consult with the Elders and High Lord of his own clan.

This avenue of information gone, Torek and Geurk became fast friends (at least, by dwarven standards) calling each other by first name without hostility after only a few months of being companions. These fast friends confided in each other their missions, and were surprised when they learned they were both searching for the same thing.

When Marrik asked that the adventurers avenge his wife, who had been taken to a destroyed temple now called the Well of Souls, Geurk and Torek were hopeful that this desecrated temple might be the one they were searching for. When it became clear that this dungeon was not the temple they were searching for, they both vowed to renew their quest. After rescuing Marrik’s wife from the slave cells in the dungeon, the party rested for the night. They were not expecting an attack by an orkish warparty, and the human Jin and his friend Geurk were killed in the battle. Torek brought the body of his friend, Geurk, to the human settlement of Kylien, where Smythe would be able to watch over it until a proper transport to dwarven lands and a funeral could be arranged. To his shock and horror, the village had been burned, and the priest there, Brother Rule, had been slain, his blood used to paint crude orkish boasts and a taunt, “This is what comes to those who defy Prince Kiran.”

Torek buried his friend Geurk with others who has fallen that day, and returned to the Well of Souls to find vengeance for the dead. When that task is done, perhaps it will be time to find the lost temple, or perhaps it will be time to take Geurk’s body back to his Clan for burial. In any case, the task of vengeance is all that lies before him for the moment.


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