Human Thief (Dead)




The human who called himself Jin was a large mystery to his companions. he said little of his background, and although he called himself an “Explorer,” he had little skills that were of use in the wilderness or dungeon, or even the city settings.

Never the less, he proved himself a valued member of the party, taking his turns cooking (and one memorable time, taking the skinned and gutted rabbit out of the hands of the wizard who was preparing to cook, and throwing it into the fire, because he thought he could do a better job) and serving his turns at watch without complain.

While first venturing into the Well of Souls to avenge the stolen wife of Marrik, the inkeeper in Kylien, Jin was astonished by the number of magical traps that guarded the entryway of the dungeon. Unprepared for this, he stumbled through trap after trap, much to his chagrin and the ribbing by his allies. Still, he fought well in the battle that followed, and his companions value him, even if they do not respect his skills as a thief.

When the party left the Well of Souls with Marrik’s wife, who had turned out to be alive and held as a slave, Jin was at watch when the orkish warband attacked. Osbourne discovered the corpse upon awakening, and after the orks had been defeated, Jin’s body (as well as the bodies of Geurk and Marrik’s wife) was carried to Kylien, where it was laid to rest with his fellows (and Brother Rule).


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