Morrison the Red

NPC Hero


Little is known about Morrison the Red. He is a hero of great renown in the southern human lands, and stories of him have been carried to the far north, north of the elven lands, and to the frontier lands like Brenthas and Kylien.

According to these stories, Morrison the Red is a combat-worthy hero, a warrior of some kind, and the leader of a band of adventurers, each with stories and deeds attributed to them, although all acknowledge Morrison the Red as the leader of the group, the greatest of them all, and the reason that these adventurers are known the land over.

Stories attributed to Morrison the Red include his battle with a yuan-ti after his comrades had fallen, and foiling the plot of a demon who sought to open a portal from the Abyss into the Capitol City, as well as his love for the elven damsel Merielle, who has supposedly had at least one child by him.

Supposedly he was given a castle of white stone on the southern oceans, where his lady and son reside, and where they can be safe until he returns from saving the world.

Morrison the Red

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