Brother Rule

Old Half-Elf Priest


Half-Elf Priest of Pelor (13th Level) Domains: Sun, Healing

Age: 185 (Deceased) Gender: Male Height: 5’4” (1.2m) Weight: 127lbs (58kg) Hair Color: White Eye Color: Brown Skin Color: Light Brown (of mixed ancestry)

Str: 6 (-2) Dex: 10 (+0) Con: 7 (-2) Int: 19 (+4) Wis: 24 (+7) Cha: 21 (+5)

Hit Points: 57 Armor Class: 10 Initiative: +0

Fort: +6 Ref: +4 Will: +15

BAB +7/+2 (Ranged +9/+4)


Brother Rule is the elderly cleric of Pelor that lived in Kylien. He was a student of history and religion, and greatly enjoyed discussing either with those who had faith or knowledge. Brother Rule was brought to Kylien when he was a child, to train under Brother Prothemon, the elderly human priest before him, who had suffered through the great ork wars of the past. Brother Prothemon passed on many secrets to Brother Rule, who he then tried to keep safe.

When he was a young man, Kylien was again the site of an Orc war, this time pushing the orkish tribes to the brink of extinction. He vowed never to take another life, even in defense of his own. He devoted the rest of his life to living as an example of Pelor’s good will, and spent time building around the altar and graveyard in Kylien, building into a proper church, complete with small library and graveyard of sanctified graves.

Brother Rule was often a favorite of adventurers in the small town of Kylien, as they would pass through and he would offer healing for free. He mainly did this to keep businesses such as the inn and blacksmith afloat, to keep company around for the long stretches between when a caravan would venture this far north.

Recently, the church sent Brother Rule a replacement, a young half-elven boy named Tyler, so that the boy could be trained before the elderly priest passed away.

When the orkish warbands tried to track the party away from the Well of Souls, they quickly became frustrated. Thinking that the heroes would head for the closest settlement, they raced there, and found only the small town of Kylien. Under orders from Prince Kiran, they seized the citizens of the town as slaves, taking them back to the Well of Souls. Brother Rule was the only one they killed, as he broke his oath of non-violence to defend the others in the town. The orkish warbands desecrated his church, and used his blood to paint a message to the heroes or anyone else who encountered the town.

Brother Rule was buried in the sanctified graveyard of the church he had built, along with Marrik’s wife, the human thief Jin, and the dwarven priest Geurk.

Brother Rule

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