BareBones Campaign

War with the Goblins

Death of the Goblin King

The group convened for the first ‘real’ time, allowing everyone to show off their new characters and get used to each other.

Their first stop was in a tiny nameless town with mud huts and orchards, ruled by an annoying Baronling named Gerard Stonebrook, who had been sent here by his father as punishment for his unforward dalliances in the capitol.

As the heroes stopped in the local drinking hole, known as The Vulgar Unicorn, it had a wooden sign depicting a unicorn stallion with an erection. A page was sent from the local Lord’s house, requesting the group attend his lordship immediately.

As a result of his banishment, ‘Lord’ Stonebrook behaves as a petulant child. Despite hiring them to recover the signet lost when goblins killed his Stewart and the caravan of men guarding him, he managed to get on the heroes’ bad side. They stopped the goblins, looted the treasuse, and found no Stonebrook signet ring, although they generously used the treasure to help start building real structures in town.



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