BareBones Campaign

Right Where we Left Off

Right where we left off…

Rask is dead, felled by the heroes and killed with Content Not Found: Rylan arrow.

Content Not Found: Violet is standing in the hallway, confused, as her friend, Jadia Starfyre, flees into the distance.

The Blink Dogs guild is rumbling, as panic at the heroes intrusion leads to thieves arming themselves and preparing for what will likely be their last stand- perhaps there’s a way to bring about a diplomatic solution, because a battle like this will likely bring death to far too many… and possibly our heroes as well.

Content Not Found: Grimm has heard troubling rumors about the results of his teachings among the lizardfolk, rumors of an evil dragon that’s been clawing out a kingdom and endangering innocents is too evil to ignore. The lizardfolk have named her ‘The Dark Queen,’ but little more is known about her.

The swamp grows more and more dangerous by the day, as lizardfolk cultists attack, troglodyte tribes war, and even bullywugs slaughter the humans of the wetland forest.

What these rumors mean for the town of Otisberg, it’s too soon to say, but we’ve left it on a dangerous precipice…


Lori? You mean Violet is standing in the hallway.

Right Where we Left Off

It says Violet. ;)

Right Where we Left Off

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