BareBones Campaign

On the Road

(aka Routine Maintenance)

On the Road
h2. (aka Routine Maintenance)

With the Goblin King defeated and his armies scattered, the citizens are now safe. Thanks to the generosity of the Lord Stonebrook’s father, merchants have been arriving bearing supplies to rebuild and improve the town. The little Lordling (Gerard Stonebrook) is furious, because he believes someone out there is forging papers in his family’s name, and is refusing to pay for it. This is making him even less popular with the people (who have been given a strong hand up by the adventurers), and they formed a town council to deal with governing.

Generally unsatisfied with local leadership, a town council forms (renamed Freetown), complete with militia of soldiers and will of new citizens.

As the heroes bid a fond farewell to the town and head out to seek more adventure, the council invites them into a meeting to discuss what honors you would like for your brave service. They have decided the rename the Inn (and Town Center) in your group’s honor, and the heroes have gratefully accepted the re-naming of the Inn as the “Heroes’ Hearth.” The Inn sign carving will show the four heroes in front of the new stone fireplace, painted to show the colors of your armor, clothing, and hair.

Areas of possible exploration:

South, into the ‘Borderlands,’ a patchwork quilt of squabbling kingdoms, nation-cities, and fiefdoms that extend into the far more stable southlands. Hundreds of mercenary bands and noble house soldiers fight to control the land, wiping out bandits that spring up like weeds, and put down ‘usurpers’ of whatever monarch controls an area.

North, through the wetlands into the Forests of Riffalian, the elven empire’s stronghold. Further north of the elven lands lies the Kingdom of the Northlands, where the ancient heroes once made their name; a great place for any group of heroes to make a name for themselves.

East, into the hills, mountains, and eventually into the Dwarven kingdom, where few outsiders are trusted and dwarves jealously guard the source of all the magical weapons they forge and trade. The western mountains, known as ‘badlands’ to many, hold terrible monsters and elementals, and on the far side of the dwarven kingdom is a great impassible desert.

West, into the rolling hills and down into the narrow strip of arable land by the sea that’s been hotly contested by hundreds of merchant clans and pirates. Known as the Plains of Megiddo, the law extends no further than the tip of your sword or the reach of your spells. Once ruled by a merchant king, the lands now constantly war and struggle to control trade.



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