BareBones Campaign

New Directions

New Directions

A week has gone by, and it’s been a busy one. Fighting in the streets has intensified as the two rival guilds (the Blink Dogs, backed by Rask; and the Distillery Rats, backed by our heroes) have sought to destroy their opponents. The Blink Dogs were much larger and better armed to begin with, and the majority of the fighting has taken place on Rat’s turf.
This includes the attempted burning of the Inn where the heroes are staying, the White Grinning Skull (known as the Grinning Skull, or just ‘the Skull’). After the third attempt, the proprietor (a distance descendant of the Hero Otis) asked the heroes to find another place to stay.

This led to the heroes staying at the abandoned [[Adventurer’s Guild]], which was soon attacked and burned down, although the heroes were able to drive back the body of the attack into the town. It soon became apparent that there were two dividing theories about how the situation should be dealt with- Content Not Found: Rylan_ wanted to push the two guilds back into a stalemate after defeating Rask, while Content Not Found: Sevang_ and Content Not Found: Grimm both argued that they couldn’t leave the town in the grip of two such obviously evil groups.

It may be said that the next several nights changed their minds, as the Distillery Rats opened homes and hideouts to the group, keeping them safe and hidden while they rested. The Distillery Rats, the weaker of the two guilds in town, are little more than a gang of urchins who have grown up and become moderately successful. Content Not Found: Rylan has heard that the Blink Dogs have allied with his old guild- news that he sees as most disturbing; but it’s the news that the Blink Dogs have begun dealing in slaves, kidnapping urchins, merchants, and any unwary souls to be sold to the highest bidder that most disturbs the others.

War has taken its toll on the town- the lizardfolk have done all they can, but with their reduced numbers, there’s not much more they can do. Several homes and businesses have burned, and most folk keep the doors locked and the windows shuttered. More than one family has been made homeless, and many merchants in town have been ruined by the fighting. Among the lizardfolk, there hasn’t been much discussion as to why there are so few. Their Leader, Survivor, seems to favor the heroes, although his reasons are unknown. Many of the younger lizards have taken to following Content Not Found: Grimm around, asking about his Dragon-based religion and listening raptly to his sermons. Survivor does not approve of this, although his reasons for doing so are also unknown.

It has become clear that the lizardfolk operate in Otisberg as part of “The Oath,” although they fearfully decline to give details whenever Survivor is around. From what snippets you have heard, apparently the Hero Otis was long ago able to save a small band of lizardfolk, and in return they promised to protect his descendants; eventually, they came to protect the town he founded, as well. A group of specialized warriors within the lizardfolk are held in high reverence, called “Rangers” by the young ones following Content Not Found: Grimm, they travel the swamps to attempt to make it safe for travelers.

It’s time for something to change…



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