BareBones Campaign

Double Time Now!

Double Time Now!

It had been a rough couple of weeks- fighting in town had devolved from guild war to all out war, with arson and murder a nightly occurrence. Several of the heroes were unhappy with the situation in town, but there wasn’t much to do other than defend themselves.

The Adventurer’s Guild had been burned down, as had many of the graineries that gave this section of town its name, as well as the distilleries that gave the local thieves guild (really no more than boys) their name. Despite this, the young rogues had decided to protect the heroes, giving them places to sleep and rest between battles, and even enlisting in the lizardfolk militia at the suggestion of Sevang and Grimm.

Violet was haunted by an elven woman- Jadia, who treated Violet as an old friend, despite her friends advising her to avoid contact. Jadia seemed to know her, and genuinely like her, though, asking about her past, and laughing and sharing stories.

Rylan was unhappily caught between the two guilds- he wanted nothing more than to just leave the two guilds in a stalemate, but it became increasingly clear that there would be no peace while both guilds continued, at least while Rask still lived.

Grimm was caught up in the friendship of the lizardfolk, many of whom continued to protect the town as best they could in this time of great distress. There are mutterings of satisfying ‘The Oath,’ although no one seems to want to explain it to the heroes. The younger lizardfolk have taken great interest in Grimm’s tales and sermons, requesting he preach whenever the older lizardfolk are not around.

Sevang, happily training with the young rogues to make them into a passable militia, and learning to operate with the lizardfolk is second nature- it gives her confidence, makes her feel better about the progress of the town, and it even amuses her that the young humans have taken to mimicking her speech and mannerisms.

A message reached the heroes; the merchants who had been in hiding because of the fighting wished to see them, pleaded with them to meet them in secret- after the adventurerers had made sure this was not a clever trap, they met with the leaders- and found that a number of the citizens simply wished to escape the chaos, for the safety of a nearby dwarven outpost.

The slog through the swamps brought nothing of value, but only a few of the citizens fell. Their spirits were not high when they arrived; the heroes paused outside the dwarven fortress Kel’Dromma, satisfied that the orkish threat had been dealt with. The bodies of the orcs, and their gruesome leader had been disposed of. None of the heroes had any explanation for the blue silt that lined the hills, but it was clear where the Blue Hand Orc tribes got their name.

Off in the distance, a rider- a harried figure with wounds and scores of a fresh battle, riding desperately. The figure cried out, in triumph, at the sight of the heroes and rode ever harder to reach them. As he approached, the group recognized Sanders, a young human lad who had taken to Sevang’s militia training and joined the lizardfolk in defending the town.

“You’ve got to come back to Otisberg,” Sanders cried, not even waiting for Grimm to tend his wounds before delivering his message. “Rylan has discovered that his old guild is somehow tied to the Blink Dogs- and that they’re trading captives away as slaves; I don’t know which upset him more, but I’m afraid he’s been planning something rash.”

The swamp stood between the heroes and their comrade, a dangerous place filled with terror, monsters, and a new threat- that of a mighty dragon gaining followers and throwing the swamps into chaos. The lizardfolk militiaman who had accompanied the heroes, Liberty, knew her only by the name that some others used “The Dark Queen,” but he knew that many of the younger lizardfolk had been swayed by Brother Grimm’s sermons, unintentionally causing the lizardfolk to abandond their oath of service, and drawing strength away from the town. No wonder the Lizardfolk captain, Survivor, had been wary to trust the group.

From the dwarven hall, there’s shouting for the heroes to come…



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