BareBones Campaign

Barebones... Redeaux...

This time it's not Dangeresque 1...

We met for the first session with the new group, and played a short game of Microscope, which was not universally enjoyed. It did give us some of the basic history of the world, and a very handy list of “dos” and “don’ts” for making the world.

h1. Major Historical Events

Creation of the Worlds

Titans Versus Gods versus Dragons versus Primordials

Multiple, Competing Pantheons

Zeus, Loki, Vecna, Moradin

Mighty Dragon Empire

Time of Elves, Dwarves, and Ogres

Dawn of Human Civilization

Rise of Age of Heroes

Rise of Human Empire

Power corrupts, corruption leads to secret societies

Demon War

Heroes of Old (Osbourne, Quarion, Eledwhen, and The Dwarf)

Heroes of Old Die to seal Demonic Rift

Rise of Dragon Power and War with the Human Empire

Barabbas, King of Dragons

Zoltar, Human Emperor

Peasant who changed the course of history

Defeat of Dragons, and Fall of Human Empire
((Mutually assured destruction))

Dragon Magic Sealed away in stasis

Churches Divide, war against each other

Rise of Monsters

Life without Empire leads to new age of Heroes


Religious Wars
Problems with Thieves’ Guilds
Many Kingdoms
Classic D&D
Dragoins Talk
Multiple Pantheons
Duels are Common (to Bloodied)
Elves are Vegetarians
Dwarves are heavy drinkers
Dwarves live underground
Shattered Empire
Geographically Diverse
Mundane (“Routine”) Maintenance


No Teleporting
No Flight/Passwall/Instant travel
No useless ‘Bling’ Magic
No Immortality (everyone can die, even if they don’t age)
No one rides Dragons (dragon’s don’t like that)
No Underdark
No Full Frontal Invisibility
Literacy on Decline
Magic Items Uncommon
No Scottish Dwarves



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